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An Insider Look At Training & Development Specialists

Posted by Ron on

The economy has slowly been picking up, and more and more companies are starting to welcome in new talent once more. But not all industries are on the upward trajectory when it comes to hiring new people. The job market can still be pretty shaky, and it can be a risk to enter a new career only to have it wane over the next few years.

What you need to look for is a job that can promise advancement and new opportunities, should the job market start to dip the other way.

Of course, having a nice paycheck can also help.

Although we are now living in an increasingly technological era, there is still no discounting the immense need and demand for qualified and skilled workers. In particular, companies still need those who can train and develop new and old employees to improve the performance of the entire company.

That’s why training and development specialists are one of the highly sought after jobs post-recession. The industry has seen about 8% growth since 2010, and the numbers are steadily climbing. On average, these workers make about $27.14 an hour.

Why are training and development specialists in demand?

That’s because not all of the job applicants in the market these days are qualified or skilled enough to meet many companies’ criteria. The solution? Hire training and development specialists to train these potential applicants so that they can have the right skills to work in the position the company needs.

And training and development specialists are needed in all kinds of fields. From teaching social media marking agents in NYC to running cooking classes in Tucson, the demand for these professionals is everywhere.

In a competitive environment, being ahead of the game is everything. Growing skills gaps need to be addressed, and that’s where you can come in — to train others to address that. You are not only helping the personal growth of an individual, you are also helping your company get the right skills and candidates they want.

And because of the nature of the job, you can easily transition to other development roles. The opportunities ahead of you are varied, which promises you career advancement and exciting learning perks. It’s a dynamic work environment that puts you in touch with people and organizational structure. It requires critical thinking and decision making skills that are crucial for success, while putting you at the forefront of new ideas and execution of these strategies.

Being a training and development specialist at this time has never been so rewarding. It’s definitely a hot new career trend to watch out for as opportunities just keep coming.